About Us

If you are wondering where we got the name Hilwah from, well be-curious-no-more "Hilwah" is an Arabic word that translates to beautiful or sweet in English.
Hilwah Collection is designed with love by the Muhammad sisters: Gadeer, Kifah, and Fatmah.  For those of you who don't know us, we are known for our bubbly personalities and always filled with laughter and smiles!
With our mutual admiration for the fashion industry, We decided to create products that were playful and joyous to children and adults, and above all unique.
We had this desire to create high quality clothes for our customers to be proud of while simultaneously providing a peace of mind to our customers. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to charitable causes because we understand the importance of giving back.  Also our products are ethically made in Los Angeles, California by protected workers making livable wages and not in sweatshops.  
It was from these beginnings that Hilwah Collection got its roots, so thank you for shopping and helping us grow into something Hilwah.